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I came across this at the RFactor 2 ISI forum and thought this was some important info right now and down the road.

Forum Quote:
I am wanting to do a full re-install at some point, I am hoping it may stem the constant crashes and component load errors when switching tracks recently.
But I also want to keep all my settings etc. and little changes I have made to .ini's and .plr's. I am wanting to know, what files should I keep and what I should re-edit again myself. I don't want to just paste the entire userdata folder over the new one and potentially mess up the fresh install.

Forum Reply:
Keep/save only 3 folders, package folder that contains all the mods, controller folder that contains your wheel, button box....setting and player foldere that contain all yours cars setups!
Then disinstall rF2 and delete manualy all the others folders and files in Document and programms! then reboot your pc and make a new and fresh game install!

ISI (Tim Weatley) Reply:
If you format, also save the .rFactor folder from the appdata/roaming folder also. This will save you using an activation afterwards.

That last one is the biggie and here is more info on where that is located. C:/Users/Your Name or log in/AppData/Roaming/RFactor. I'd say good idea to back that up on an external drive or thumb drive. ;)

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