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Welcome to the Underground Racing League!

The idea behind this forum is to be a central meeting place for virtual racing and general gaming. Where good, clean racers and gamers can come to discuss and participate in there chosen passion in a friendly environment with like minded individuals.

This league was started by few members of a Playstation league that originally were racing using the Grand Tourismo series then some had moved onto online racing using the TOCA series for the PS2. The Underground Racing League and this forum board was started in June of 2006 for racing using the Codemaster TOCA 2 & 3 series games on the Playstation 2 and some of us still do. We are now open to about any game and gaming on any platform but our main focus is still racing. Most of our active members now participate primarily in PC racing online with rFactor racing in other leagues as Team Underground Motorsports, TUM for short. Due to the growing size of participation in rFactor here at the URL, TUM is now being subdivided into smaller five man teams still all representing the URL/TUM. We will also have our own league racing when we have time.

Our league uses a validation process due to past problems. You will need to register and fulfill the three post requirements to become a validated member and see more of this forum board. To gain full membership status and access to all of the forums, you will need to be voted in by the members. In order for this to happen we need to know you and the best way is to start posting in the “Welcome” thread after registering.

If you're a racer/gamer and you've been accepted as a member of the URL it's because we feel that you will respect other members by adhering to basic race/game rules, as all other members do. We also like to talk about these games here in a respectful manner, while still having fun. New topics will be added for those racing sims and games that show positive interest by the league. We encourage all members to participate and voice their opinions, remember you can’t complain unless you participate. We often kid around with each other, but always within limits and with respect to all.

While we have no long official set of rules, there are some and mostly from a racing perspective but have application to other games. Please go here for additional [URLs=http://www.gameracingcockpits.com/tum-rules.php]TUM Racing Rules[/URLs] (Provided by UpNorthdogg and written by PGLewis)

1: Here at the URL we expect the members to act with maturity. We're all racing to have fun and one person's failure to respect or be courteous to others can affect the whole league. The overall reputation of the league needs to be upheld by all of its members. We like to think of TUM/URL as the "Clean, Respected and Proud" and we need to do our best at maintaining that perception, especially in other leagues if we are representing TUM/URL. Our actions both on and off the track reflect on how we will be judged by others. The actions of one individual can change how the entire team and league is viewed. This also carry’s over to posting on other leagues forum boards.

2: Some of our 'Pro' drivers take racing pretty seriously and an avoidable accident can ruin more than one person's day, so take care. Racing with and listening to people that are faster than you is a sure-fire way of getting faster yourself. Being faster than another driver does not give you carte blanche to push your way past. If you are significantly faster than another driver on the track then you should easily be able to find a clean opportunity to get by without excessive contact, much less "bullying" your way past. Other drivers may also be racing for position, even when being lapped, and are not obligated to pull out of your way as soon as they see you coming. Other drivers may extend this courtesy but it is just that: a courtesy, not an obligation. Repeatedly flashing your lights and honking the horn in this situation is also rude. passing is an art and part of the challenge of racing. Exercise patience and make that replay-worthy move.

3: We appreciate clean mouths (Both spoken and in posts), any discussion of illegal activities and/or pornography etc. will not be tolerated and will result in warnings and/or being banned from the forum. Also discussion of politics and religion (Both spoken and in posts) should be left outside of this league to keep it neutral.

4: Forum names for this league cannot be crude, vulgar or have drug references. When racing in rFactor online in other leagues races most require your real name in some form for accountability, first initial last name, first name last initial or full name. So it’s best to create your online profile in RF in the beginning that way and not use your forum name.

5: Flaming, targeting or harassing of any member or the league for what ever reason vie PM’s or posts will not be tolerated and will result in warnings and/or being banned from the forum and league.

6: Pass codes are used for Team Speak and often used for league practices/ races to ensure that only league members can access our servers. Please keep the pass codes private. Along with this all setup information and sets are NOT to be shared outside of this league!

7: Microphones or headsets are a necessity for clean fun racing online and are why we have our own Team Speak server. Although members may be allowed into the league without one, we do expect that you get one as soon as possible. But please, unless it's a very casual room where talking is more accepted, keep random chatter/ voice level to a minimum during racing. It can be very distracting and can also make it near impossible for communication between racers who need to communicate at the moment.

8: Last, but not least, do NOT attempt to use this site for your own personal profit. If you do have something to sell that would benefit this Sim racing league for racing, let an admin know.

Understeer is when you hit the wall with the front of the car. Oversteer is when you hit the wall with the back of the car. Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall.
BUT Torque is how far you take the wall with you!!